About Me


Norwegian School of Economics

Department of Economics

Helleveien 30

N – 5045 Bergen, Norway

Tel.: +47 55 95 97 54

Email: astrid.kunze@nhh.no

I am a Professor of Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, Norway. My research interests are in the fields of labour economics, micro-econometric methods and merged register data.

Topics I am currently working on include:

– How organisations build human capital

– How family policy affects women’s careers and the gender gap

– Understand whether family policy has changed firms’ production and use the input factor labor

– Corporate boards and labour power

During the academic year 2022/2023 I am on sabbatical leave and I visit the University of California Santa Barbara (2022) and the Stone Centre at University College London (2023).

In 2020, I received a 6-year grant from the Norwegian Research Council for my project “Challenges to shaping an inclusive work-life in rapidly changing labour markets: Firms, Human capital, and Family policy”.

In 2022, I was awarded the Inaugural European Economics Association Teaching Award (Senior) for exceptional teaching. The jury consisted of two EEA Council Members and the Education Committee.

Link here: Education Committee